Community Intervention for Empowerment and Livelihood (CIEL) is a distinctive and the flagship initiative of SWEB which exists to promote community level participation of all persons with disabilities from age zero (0) to adulthood. The heart of CIEL is integrated with mechanisms for rehabilitation, empowerment, economic well-being and the implementation of inclusive development.

Since its inception 2010, CIEL operations has already kicked off with tremendous progressions in three strategic areas in the country. First in the Amansie – West district as the pilot project, and subsequently in Accra, Krachi – Nchumuru and Nkwanta South in the Volta region. It adopts the philosophy, principles and components of the WHO, ILO and UNESCO Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) strategy in its organization and framework, to effectively respond to its core mission.



An original program of the Liliane Foundation, the CE programme is a comprehensive strategy whose goal is geared towards total inclusion of children and young people with disabilities in local communities, empowered to attain independency through a holistic approach to addressing disability related issues.
The CE is a small scale, person-centered help to children in developing countries, focusing on their rehabilitation and development policies in the areas of:


  • Physical and cognitive functionality of the child (Health)
  • Participation within the family (Inclusion)
  • Participation outside the family (Inclusion)
  • Education and / or other daily programs (Education)
  • Economic Independence (Work and income)


Rehabilitation plans under the CE are developed to suite individual needs to provide accessibility in the local context based on local resources. The programme thrives on the belief that children develop best in their own environment and therefore assistance based on this context is usually the most efficient and effective approach to achieving growth.
As the Strategic Partner Organization for the Liliane Foundation, SWEB is the direct facilitator of the Child Empowerment Programme in Ghana, responsible for the implementation, execution, monitoring and the evaluation of Child Empowerment Programme in Ghana.



The advocacy for total inclusion of the less privileged has brought to the fore, the lack of skill in majority of stake holders in the area of management and support systems and procedures, relative to disabilities.
Capacity Building (CB) which is the newest package under the umbrella of SWEB is intended to serve as resource and provision of support and training for individuals, practitioners, care givers and parents of disabled persons as well as staff of organizations through short-term modular courses to ensure the integration of people with disability into mainstream social life and environment. CB’s objective seeks to promote and improve the 4A’s of the program’s core values which includes
SWEB believes that the independence and the rights of the less privileged can be duly accessed and attained within the framework of well-informed and receptive environment, where the needs of disabled persons are paramount.



SWEB as part of its duties of promoting the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities
partner with its CBR Officers/POs to link Pwds to government programs such as NHIS, LEAP,
Capitation grants, school feeding program. SWEB and its partners make sure no person with
disability is neglect or ignorant of such programs and ensure they have access to them.