Reasons that lead to the implementation of the Amansie Community Based Rehabilitation Programme

A familiarization survey into the lived experiences of persons with disabilities in Manso-Atwere in the Amansie West district of Ashanti Region was carried out by Level 100 MSc students of the Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation Studies (CEDRES) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) at Kumasi between February and August 2011. The survey was with the active collaboration of SWEB as a facilitator.

The findings of the survey, among others, showed that there were no rehabilitation and educational opportunities for both children and adults with disabilities in the area. Children with severe and profound situations were largely confined in their homes. Majority of the parents were poor single mothers who spent almost 80% of their time caring for their disabled children with virtually no professional support. The survey recommended the introduction of interventions that will provide both clinical and home-based care in rehabilitation and education to the children within their own home environment as a preparatory ground for mainstreaming into public schools and social life and also empower adults with disability to form an association in other to be able to advocate for their rights.

Within the framework of Community Interventions for Empowerment and Livelihood (CIEL), SWEB decided to establish a Community Day Rehabilitation and Education Center (CoDREC) for children with disabilities in the area over the strategic period of 2012 – 2016.

With the help of SWEB and students interns from KNUST and UEW, the Disabled people association has been formed, parents support group has also been formed and finally the building for Community Day Rehabilitation and Education center has also started and it is up to the window level. Because these students were not permanent in the community, the CBR programme was very weak since there was no dedicated Programme manager. Meetings were hardly held, linkage with SWEB head office was weak, linkage with the Partner Organization for the Child Empowerment was very weak, linkage with the District Assembly was virtually nonexistent, and there were no concrete steps to implement CIEL

Realizing these problems, SWEB decided to send someone to manage the programme. Hannah who is a graduate from the University of Education, Winneba was identified and however showed interest in the management of the programme. She was then posted to the district to manage the programme. Hannah offered a programme in community Based rehabilitation and disability and disability studies at the university of education, winneba.


Her core duties for the disabled people in the district include;

  • Coordinate the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Programme in the district for Disables
  • Support the development of Disabled People Organization (DPO) in the district.
  • Support the development of the Parent support group (PSGs) in the district to implement their planned activities.
  • Managing and overseeing the construction of the Community Day Rehabilitation and education center (CoDREC) in the district.
  • Liaising closely with the District Assembly, decentralized agencies and church bodies in the district to promote the mainstreaming of people with disabilities in their programmes.
  • Coordinating the implementation child empowerment (CE) programmes in the district through recognized partner organizations.
  • Providing secretarial support to the district Rehab committee
  • Performing other duties to ensure equal rights and opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the district.



Aims and objectives of the Amansie CIEL

  • To enable children and youth with disabilities live healthy, active, respected, independent and productive lives in their families and own communities.
  • To prepare ground for mainstreaming into public schools for children with disabilities.
  • To enable individuals living with disability to be able to advocate for their rights.


Construction of CoDREC

SWEB aim is to construct a Community Day Rehabilitation and education Center (CoDREC) in the district for children with disabilities. The building is now at the window level which needs some funding to be able to complete


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